Every dollar counts, it all adds up to make BIG differences in the lives of those in our community battling catastrophic illnesses. 

No one should ever know the pain of feeling alone in their struggle with a catastrophic illness.

Have you ever known the fear of being diagnosed with an illness such as cancer or heart disease or had a stroke?  Or have you or a family member ever been put in a position that left you unable to work for a period of time because of a catistrophic illness?   There are people that you know right now that are affected by one thing or another that keeps them from performing their everyday duties.  When they are left with no one to turn to, we at Twisted Ribbons Inc. are here for them.  We are here to help them pay the bills that would otherwise fall through the cracks of life.  You ask, how do we do that?  We have annual fundraisers and we depend on donations from people like you.  

‚ÄčEvery dollar counts.  No donation is too small.  We use 100% of every dollar donated to help those in need.  

So please take a moment and share a few or more dollars to help "our hands, helping your hands".

Donate now!